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The FTT Guild History



[Originally compiled: July 1999]


The FTT history, as far as I can recollect, goes a little like this.....


          Hmm...it started in early open beta, when was that...two years ago? Seems like it was Summer or maybe Spring....anyway, LOK was very young then. The chat room looked like, hmm, kinda like an IE window opened to full screen. The point is there were no big people then. Mama had not yet been seen, forget about killed, glowers were treasure, and levels came hard. There were no maps for the Under World, and ancestoring was the trend. Man, at that time there was an average of 18-26 players in-game at any given peak time. We discovered, as a lot of us do, that there is safety in numbers. When you lose half your achievements, roughly, to ancestoring you want that buddy there to help you save those constitution points by not dying. So Swiftaxe, Lothander, and I started hanging out....hmm no its not that simple. Because of the small number of people playing you got to know most everyone pretty fast. It was more like we weeded through a lot of people and ended up hanging out with each other all the time. The three of us, you see, had very similar ideas despite the fact we lived in different parts of the country. Swiftaxe was in Oregon, Lothander in NJ, and I was in Las Vegas. But we all had the same theory, cooperate on fights, share the loot, help others, and save your friends corpse, even if you become one doing it *grin*.

          Anyway, there were a few guilds when we started playing. The Suns....hmm Kills, I think, and perhaps NOD. I’m not sure. None of the guilds were large, only 4-5 people in each. So one day, while in Axe-Glacier trying to get King Wolf (I think), Swiftaxe says, "Ya know...we should start a guild of our own." He even had the name figured out *grin* (we had all been thinking about forming a guild I believe). Our philosophy was not to be a guild of formalities, but of friends, people that you liked to hang out with and could count on in a pinch. The idea was to have no leader, or rules, as none would be needed. You would not need to lay down rules for people that fit our credo. You could just count on them to do the right thing. So we set about our way, now with a new tag. Hehe, it wasn't long after that I ran into Arminius. Boy was he green! The first time I met him he had nothing, he was just a little Wizard with -1 and -2 Kesmai crap...hehe. We hung-out together for a long time the first day we met. Right away I knew he would fit in perfectly with Lothander and Swiftaxe. To this day he gives me crap because I wouldn't trust him with a glower right away *grin*. JadeFist, I think, was the next to join our little crew. Though, at the time, I think his name was Deathster? What can I say about JadeFist, he's Jade, he's an LOK addict, and we all got to know him pretty quick. He's great at carrying bodies...hahaha!

          Then we went and added a couple other members. Had a little spurt where we added a few in like two weeks, kinda in a rush to be a big guild *grin*. Anyway, we made some mistakes. We had no organization because we didn't think we needed any "New Member Policy", just if someone said you could tag...you could. We got Pauldo, Tracan, and Smoker? About this time there was a rash of Player Killers in LOK, one of them turned out to be Kithliath. We had a lot of great hunts chasing PKer’s, as by this time we were known to be a respectable guild with large characters. Hell...my Thaum, at that time, could waste just about anyone in-game with one Death spell and none of us had any kind of stomach for PKer’s to begin with. Kithliath was caught and banned eventually, but he pleaded for forgiveness and was allowed back in the game. Pauldo be-friended him, as he claimed to have changed his ways and wanted to play the right way. This was the start of the first big division of FTT. Pauldo allowed Kithliath to add the FTT tag and when we saw it we flipped. Well...I flipped, but others in the guild were definitely not happy about it either. To make a long story short, I demanded that Pauldo make Kithliath take off the tag. It took a week to settle (and caused a large rift in the guild). For my part in that, I am sorry. Pauldo left the guild, as did Kithliath of course. Then Smoker turned out to have a roommate that was a PKer, or he had a split personality *grin*. To this day I am not sure which, so we lost him too.

          The open beta went on and we added others to the guild. BriarRose volunteered to be the FTT "wench", Ana showed up about this same time, and Coldsnake was the FTT you never saw *grin*. Sometime in the middle of open beta the game went down for seven DAYS!! It was catastrophic...hehe. Kes Co. put up the conference rooms just for us addicts who needed a place to gather, even though we couldn't play. It was during this time that OOI formed. OOI was based on a lot of the same things we were. Friendship, and a loose guild format. We quickly became friends with the OOI's and declared ourselves sister guilds.

          The open beta came to a close and most of us went on to different games, waiting for Ultima Online to come out. After all, who wants to pay a $1.99 an hour? Well....Arminius did *grin*. He played on Delphi, carrying the tag solo. Swiftaxe went to Drakkar, and Lothander went to Meridian 59. Jade and I played a few things together during this time. Games like Twilight Lands, Tanarus, and some maze-like D&D game called Empiriana that had crappy graphics, but kinda cool just the same. There was a short period of free-play when AOL opened up Kesmai and most of us returned to play *grin*. It was great going into a new Kesmai, and to have your trusted friends right there to help you out. We just had fun without the necessity of weeding through the goofs to find someone to adventure with *grin*. When AOL closed the free-play we lost another to the pay-to-play dark side *grin*. Jade jumped into the $1.75 thing on Earthlink and DEFECTED to the Suns *big grin*, he has since seen the error of his ways *grin*. UO finally came in the mail, and boy did I hate it. I had been putting off paying for LOK with the hopes that UO would come soon. When it was released, I couldn't figure out how to do squat. Boy did I have fun running around lost in UO (NOT!). The longing for Kesmai returned, and I was about to join the pay-to-play set when Arminius re-appeared on my ICQ *grin*. If you have ever seen Armi go at it, you will know he goes with a vengeance. Well, he was in UO also and showed us the ropes on how to survive and so the FTT moved into yet another world (Baja shard). It was in UO that we met Arxangelos through another FTT-worthy guy I met in Diablo. As the PKing in UO got worse, and the bugs and BS became unbearable, a miracle happened:


GAMESTORM WENT $9.95 UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          It was an answer to our prayers, and within a week most of us were back. Only now using our UO disks for coasters and laughing at the poor schmucks paying to walk around empty UO lands while we were getting ZOO’d. We bailed from UO like a sinking ship. Somehow I hypnotized Arxangelos into joining us here in our little world of Kesmai.

          That just about brings us up to the present I think. The bottom line is this: The FTT has been a group of friends for quite a while now and it seems to me that we won't be going away, we will just keep finding more worthy Brothers and Sister's. To all new members I say, "Welcome, it’s an honor to have you as my friend."

-And that’s it! Can I go play LOK now?