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The FTT Guild Charter


          Have you ever met someone online and really formed a great relationship?  Have you spent hours and hours adventuring with a particular person or group of people?  Have you lost touch with them after you or they quit the game?  Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of losing touch with these friends, you could just move on to the next game with them?  This was a primary motivation for the creation of this guild.

          The FTT were organized as the last guild you will ever need to join.  We are a cross-game guild.  This means that we will be participating in most MMORPGs that come to market.  You won't have to join yet another guild in the next game you decide to play.  We will be there right along side of you.

          We set a high standard on our members because we know that membership can mean years of cooperative play together.  We stress maturity, loyalty, and above all else, enjoyment of our online experiences together.  Our philosophy is simple:  We play games for entertainment — an escape from our everyday stress, NOT as an additional source.